EUD5 - Reistance to Temperature charts   


Company Profile
Electronics Unlimited was founded in 1978 to manufacture precision thermistors and thermistor sensor assemblies. It has pioneered in the work of applying the unique characteristics of these versatile semiconductors to a broad range of consumer and industrial applications.

Electronics Unlimited manufactures a complete line of NTC Thermistors in a range of package options. This catalogue gives brief descriptions and relative ratings for many of our standard products. Additional data sheets are available which include detailed information on many of the specialty items we manufacture.

We specialize in the development and production of Electro-Ceramic components. The excellent properties of our thermistors will provide complete surge protection and improve the reliability of your device. Our competitive prices will surely allow you a very good profit margin.

Foreseeing increasing demand Electronics Unlimited introduces different series of NTC Thermistors to suit applications relating to Temperature compensation, sensing and inrush current control and quality competing with international standards.

Electronics Unlimited is quality conscious and knows how to make quality products and provide excellent services to satisfy different needs of our customers.

The ever-increasing number of users and applications for thermistors demands that thermistor manufacturers provide high reliability and quality as an integral part of every thermistor purchased. Electronics Unlimited prides itself on being that kind of a company.

Past and present tell the story of why Electronics Unlimited is one of the major thermistor manufacturers in India and why we have always been a leader in the field of thermistor and thermistor assembly design applications.